I think that playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends. ♥

Monday, 9 January 2012

My wishes in 2012:
¤ graduate
¤ more parties
¤ buy a pair of gorgeous heels
¤ get over my fear of heights
¤ smile more
¤ be a better and stronger person
¤ to travel around the world
¤ to spend a night at the beach
¤ travel to Dubai
¤ live my life as a normal teenager once
¤ eat a whole jar of nuttela 
¤ lose weight 
¤ forget about him
¤ visit Paris
¤ find someone who will treat me right
¤ meet Ian Somerhalder
¤ meet a cute guy
¤ fall in love and have a love life
¤ kiss him
¤ kiss more
¤ be happy
¤ roadtrip with friends
¤ spend more time with family
¤ learn how to speak French perfectly
¤ be a part of amazing movie with some of my fav actors 
¤ go to a Linkin Park concert
¤ start saving money
¤ mean the world to somebody
¤ go to Africa and volunteer
¤ not let boys break my heart 
¤ vacation with friends
¤ move to Japan
¤ never give up
¤ own Blair Waldorf's closet
¤ go to Spain with my best friends
¤ kiss someone underwater
¤ get a perfect tan 
¤ never grow up


  1. I've many of those dreans too darling!!!! :)

  2. Well,then we must work to make them come true :)